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June 16, 2012
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... Or just Fairy water as they call it in the less fancy of places.

The practice of growing undines, the waterliving genus of fairies, inside a bottle of water is one shunned upon by the majority of societies and banned in most. But since the potency of the product is so distinct and the thought so decadent, it doesn't stop some barkeepers from stashing at least one secret bottle for the right customer for the right price.

To understand what's so special about it, you will have to understand some basic fairy biology.

Instead of expelling processed nutrients in a fashion most of us would be expecting, they secrete a thin, thin layer of "ambrosia" through their pores, coating their skin.
This substance has a very powerful and near instant intoxicating effect on humanoids. With the texture, colour and taste of the finest honey, mixed with a tinge of mysterious fruity flavor and a titillating fizzy sensation on ones tongue once imbibed, it leaves very few unimpressed.

A beginner's guide:

Fairies, and undines alike, are born from "dewdrops" (semitransparent and gelatin-like eggs) lain by their parent figure in clusters of up to about half a dozen.
If one goes fairy-hunting, these are not all that difficult to come by due to the generous amounts of fairies in the forest. Look for undine clusters by any shallow body of fresh water. Try not to separate the eggs from the water in which they were lain to reduce trauma.

Place one (or two, if you think you can handle it) of the dewdrops, with its home-water, in a properly sized bottle. Slowly dilute the water with the water you want to use for your beverage over the course of a day. Wait for it to hatch. Add a small amount of sugar (preferably grape sugar) to the water, keeping the fairy healthy between proper feedings of soft berries for optimal results.

It takes about one or two months for a normal sized bottle to reach a proper concentration... By which time the fairy water should be either served or at least diluted to keep the fairy healthy enough for another bottle. Sadly, they rarely last for more than three bottles. Less if not being properly cared for.

And as with anything, there are people who have mastered the art of fairy water, with their own science applied to it for truly otherworldly results.

Fairy Water, Spirit Water or Fairy Wine - An exciting choice for the decadent and adventurous connoisseur. Or an abominable practice to be stopped by the compassionate soul.


I've been wanting to draw this picture for I don't know how long. ^^; Feels great to have finally done it. I was inspired by a certain artist who's name I can't recall, but I found a picture of a similar theme by him, painted in traditional airbrush, in one of my older brother's art books when I was a wee kid.
:3 Yay~
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hey petite, when are you going to post new artwork, i love looking at your beautiful artsytle. I mean, its been a full year since you posted anything.
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this reminds me of the effect moonshine is rumored to have XD
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Their must be a decent way to acquire this drink. Or at least a way to cooperate with the race for it.
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i still wait for your return, you're a talented artist and if you havent quit then it's understandable that you're busy
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Interesting story
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This is a smirnoff bottle. Anyone care for smurfs in smirnoff?
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you are a gifted artist. l love the detail.
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She looks a bit cramped in there...and sightly bored, I imagine life in a bottle isn't very exciting
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Forgot to say, I love the logo too.
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